Quintesscent Perfumes


We provide highly customized fragrance to individuals and companies of all sizes around the world From small batches to large scale production, we comply with all international safety and regulatory standards to produce the best fragrance possible at the scale you need.

For yourself or customized as a personal gift

Now you can be the maker of your own personalized perfume, QUINTESSCENT offers exclusive development of your very own bespoke perfume. You can even give your own perfume a personalized name

As soon as you finish your order, our fragrances experts start with the development of your personal scent. after the ingredients are bottled in our perfume bottle, perfume is shipped to you. During the production process every single step is true handwork by our experiences staff. Within just a few days you will get the delivery of your custom made perfume. Every piece a unique masterpiece!

For Companies or Special Events

  • The first step is for us to fully understand the scope and scale of your project. The more details, the better. Once we are officially working together, we will kick off with a meeting/call to understand all of your project goals and requirements. From there, we will begin formulation work and when ready, we will present our submissions for your approval. Once complete, you have exclusive rights to the fragrance and can reorder anytime.
  • Every project and budget is unique. If you can provide a budget, great! If not, we can help guide you through costs so you can know what to expect before you get started.
  • Our fragrance development process typically takes anywhere from 2-6 months. Production lead times are typically 4-6 weeks. If you have specific deadlines or timing needs, please let us know.
  • We have clients around the world and can ship samples anywhere. Of course, we love to meet our clients face to face whenever possible but not doing so will in no way impact the process.
  • Will consider any project as long as it is a project of passion! Please note that we do not accept duplication requests.
  • We are working with some of the biggest (and smallest) companies including entrepreneurs, consumer products companies, hotels, restaurants and more. To respect the privacy of our clients, we do not publicly disclose who we work with but would be happy to share more as we meet/discuss working together.
  • We can work in virtually any base as long as we know the specifications and mixing requirements. Please note that if you require us to work with a specific base, the base formulation needs to be finalized BEFORE we begin fragrance formulation.


Please feel free to contact our fragrance experts for perfume consultation at any time. We are happy to help you creating your very unique perfume.

Our sense of smell is deeply rooted to our emotions and can be a powerful tool to enhance customer experience.

We respond to every inquiry personally so please include as many details as possible.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!